As a former college instructor, I know first-hand the value of having excellent teachers in our schools to guide, to motivate, and to train all students, regardless of their capabilities.  To be fully engaged and dedicated to serving the needs of their students, like other professions, teachers need to have the tools and resources necessary to accomplish their tasks, opportunities to continually develop their skills, and incentives to stay in their roles. As your Representative, one of my top legislative actions will be serving as an advocate for North Carolina to have an education system that not only attracts the most dedicated and skilled teachers, but one that provides a variety of incentives to ensure their work and contributions are not only recognized, but, also, rewarded with the appropriate compensation packages.

In addition, for far too long we have not focused enough attention on security in our schools and the classroom.  Parents should feel very confident when their children are in school that every precaution has been taken to ensure a safe environment.  I am committed to giving schools the tools they need to keep students and faculty safe. This will involve multiple options including different locks, different doors, security cameras, school resource officers, and other best practices being used across the state and the country. No responsibility is more important than keeping our children safe.

Not everyone in high school is interested in, or even suited for a four-year college or university degree. I am a strong supporter for workforce training programs as an option for students who are not pursuing a four-year degree.  I believe there are huge opportunities to make even better use of Durham Tech and Central Carolina Community College.  These are great schools that are affordable for students and provide options for either a skilled craft or trade or an associate’s degree before transferring to another university to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  Our community colleges are a gem in our state and I believe this is one way to help make college more affordable for families, to provide skills for jobs, and to provide continuing education access.

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